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We are the premier international sales representatives for plumbing, waterworks, and mechanical materials


American Plumbing Supply International is the foremost international supplier of American-made sanitary ware, valves, piping, pumps, and bathroom accessories.
We also develop and manage international distribution for some of the USA’s leading plumbing ware manufacturers.

Based in Bahrain, APSI-Arabia is AISI’s regional sales office to service the Middle East distributor and project market. Specializing in plumbing and Industrial products, our many decades of experience with specifications, documentation and communication make APSI-Arabia the ideal partner in the Middle East construction market.

American Water Works International is the USA’s premier export supplier of piping systems and related products for water, sewer, fire protection, and storm water projects.
In addition to supplying complete packages of piping products, AWWI also develops and manages international distribution for some of the USA’s most respected manufacturers of AWWA pipe, valves and appurtenances.

American International Supply Guam has nearly 25 years of experience as the most reliable, competitive source of piping and mechanical products in Guam and the surrounding areas.
AISI Guam specializes in design compliance issues and conformance to specifications. We also have extensive experience with U.S. military projects.